Build Muscle Fast

Whether you are new to muscle building or you have been trying to build muscle with no or minimal results, Fittletica is here to help you. We offer unique EMS programs that provide you with a complete full-body workout that will activate 500 muscles. Traditional workouts only activate about 100 muscles throughout the workout. Because EMS training activates these additional muscles, you can strengthen your body in less time.

At Fittletica, we understand that you run a tight ship and have a busy schedule and that is why our EMS program is designed to save you time. In fact, a 20-minute EMS fitness studio workout session is equivalent to three hours in the gym.

Building muscle has never been easier and is affordable as well. Since you train less and receive the same results, you pay less over time to get the muscle, strength, and body you want.

Fittletica is proud to offer our build muscle fast program and we cannot wait to have you as a client. Our personal trainers will sit down and work with you to help you achieve the results you desire. Call us today.


Get Strong – Build Your Muscles Today

Getting strong and building your muscles is an easy task when you choose Fittletica and our EMS programs. Our EMS programs utilize specialized equipment or suits that you wear while you work out. These suits include electrodes that are attached to you and provide electrical impulses to specific muscles.

Because our workouts rely on EMS, you will receive more intense, stronger, and better muscle contractions over traditional workouts. These contractions help to build strength in your muscles.

In addition, the electrodes are placed strategically to control specific muscle groups to ensure you are building the muscles you want. For example, our program can help you build core strength and abdominal muscles, biceps, leg muscles, and more. Depending on what your individual goals are, we will assist you in getting your dream body.

Lastly, our EMS fitness program in Brooklyn is efficient, and it activates 500 muscles in your body, where a traditional workout only activates 100 muscles.

Building strength and growing your muscles is no problem when you choose Fittletica. Our team is here to help you achieve your workout goals.


Visit Fittletica Today

Fittletica is a highly-trained and qualified center that can provide you with the best EMS training to build and strengthen your muscles. It is important to choose the right center to ensure you receive the results you are after. Our facility is clean and upheld to strict standards so that all of our customers can have a wonderful experience.

If you are interested in building and strengthening your muscles, now is the time to reach out to Fittletica. We will work with you to create a workout plan using our EMS equipment to get you your desired results – call Fittletica EMS Fitness Studio in Brooklyn today!