Burn Fat Fast

Are you looking for a way to burn fat and keep it off? Have you gone through the whole “tried and true” methods only to find yourself with the same BMI readings afterwards? It can be disappointing and the team at Fittletica wants you to know that we can help. Our burn fat fast program is nothing short of amazing and IT WORKS! This program is designed to help you reduce fat and shed weight in no time.

This program is one of the 20 programs in EMS pulses that are provided here at our location. EMS pulses work well because they target areas of fat and stimulate the muscles to contract, so that you can shed the pounds without much effort. Our program is not only easy, it is simple and ensures that you can get the dream body you want.

Here at Fittletica, we find that many of our customers come to us after they have spent countless hours in the gym without any results. Our EMS pulses program is just 20 minutes in length, and you can shed a ton of calories in that small timeframe.

If you want to burn fat the RIGHT way, now is the time to call Fittletica – we are here to help you!


FillteticaBurn Fat Today and Get Your Dream Body

Your dream body awaits you! Our EMS burn fat fast program will help you shed weight quickly. In fact, with just one month of our training program, you can lose more than 10 pounds and drop roughly two pant sizes. Not only will you find yourself needing to buy a new wardrobe to fit your slimmer body, you will receive a boost in self-confidence and esteem.

Our burn fat training sessions will allow you to burn up to 800 calories in each 20-minute session. You will activate about 500 muscles throughout the session too. Our Brooklyn EMS fitness studio program is equivalent to three hours in the gym doing traditional workouts.

What sets our program apart from other fat loss programs is that ours works. You will find that your body is sculpted into the shape that you have always desired and the results stick too.

Throughout your sessions, you will also enjoy the benefits of:

  • A defined body
  • Increase in strength and endurance
  • Elimination of cellulite and excess fat
  • Put an end to back and joint pain


Fast Results – Sign Up Today

If you are ready to blast fat and get the dream body you have always sought, now is the time to call Fittletica. Our program is designed to help you get into shape quickly and you can do it much faster than if you just went to the gym.

If you would like to sign up for our burn fat program, reach out to Fittletica EMS Fitness Studio in Brooklyn today.