A new niche for the USA fitness.

Electro-fitness is a revolutionary and increasingly popular method of training that combines active gymnastics with muscle electro-stimulation impulses, getting an intense workout similar to any other type of anaerobic training, but considerably saving time and energy.

EMS training - electrical muscle stimulation - is massively on the rise in the fitness world. It’s huge in Europe and slowly making it’s way to major cities in the United States.

We offer the only equipment on the market that produces a comfortable and pleasant sensation, subjecting the muscles to intense work.

Welcome to the future of Fitness!

Discover the innovation that will change the world of electrofitness

i-motion is electro-fitness equipment developed by engineers with several years of experience in the design and manufacturing of medical equipment carried out entirely in Spain.

A 20 MINUTE EMS workout is the equivalent

of a 90 minute high intensity gym class or personal training session.

What is EMS training?


EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is the stimulation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. It activates muscle contraction via electrical stimuli.

In EMS training electrical impulses activate the muscles externally, to the muscle there is no difference whether the electric stimuli originate from the brain or the electrodes.

EMS engaging all major muscle groups at the same time.

It’s the 21st century training: it’s EMS training!

Why should i-motion become part of your business?

Higher profits

  • 1 trainer for up to 7 clients
  • Multi-program group settings
  • 1 on 1 training, duo or semi private sessions or group classes
  • Add to existing business or stand alone
  • More classes per day
  • More clients per day
  • Low starting investment, higher revenue

No limits

  • No more restricting cables
  • Wireless bluetooth connection up to 100m
  • Indoor or Outdoor training
  • Incorporate any workout style or location, from functional fitness, yoga, cycling, boxing to cross-fit

Time & results

The sessions are short, trendy faster results in strength, flexibility and endurance 2 clients per hour versus the traditional 1 client per hour.

20 MIN i-motion workouts = 90 MIN of original gym workout


Studio hours: 7am - 9pm (open 14 hours a day)


IF 12 EMS CLASSES A DAY (6 hours)

6 hours= 43% of STUDIO WORKING TIME

Main features of i-motion

  1. Rechargeable lithium 3400mA batteries (range up to 16 hours)
  2. A communication security system that guarantees unceasing control over the user, being this fundamental in a wireless system.
  3. Various types of screens: a tablet 10.6″ and a large screen 21.6″.
  4. Class 1 professional Bluetooth module (100 meters), manufactured in the USA, “Microchip” brand, internationally approved to be used in any country of the world, guaranteeing that its radio frequency is not harmful to health.
  5. Auto adjustment system compensated by current measurement for easier and faster adjustment.

A stimulation system with compensated biphasic waves provides an optimal way to contract the muscles with a minimum accumulation of lactic acid, this being very important when it comes to training and obtaining good results of the muscular systems.

Revolutionize your customer’s training!

If you currently own a gym or a studio,

then i-motion is the perfect micro-business to add to your current operations.


i-motion is the system that helps sport, health and beauty professionals to be more productive and enjoy higher profit margins in their businesses

Complete with the boutique. Drive revenue with a product that can easily penetrate into a highly competetive environment.

Enhance your current Personal Training program while bringing to your facility new customers. Plus get back lost members who quit because they did not have time.

20 min training is hte perfect 1 minute pitch for all the clients that have no time for a traditional 180 min workout.

Do you want to implement i-motion in your business?

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