EMS Active Recovery

An all-new system that gets better results than other equipment in the recommended 20 minutes of electrical stimulation. While the muscles recover, a specific pulse works the user’s metabolism to get the best out of each EMS training session.

Would you like to get the most out of your electrical stimulation sessions?

i-motion guarantees EMS active recovery without adding any more time to your training. The maximum recommended time for any electrical stimulation session is 20 minutes so the muscles do not suffer from overstrain and users do not suffer from any injuries.

Approximately 25% of this time throughout each session is dedicated to rest phases for muscle recovery. In other words, the muscles actually never work continuously for 20 minutes.

The important all-new benefit offered by i-motion

The benefits of i-motion are very significant in comparison with other types of training when using other systems, as i-motion allows you to take full advantage of the 20 minutes with approximately 25% more performance than with traditional EMS training.

Main characteristics

While other systems feature passive rest for muscular recovery, i-motion is able to produce a specific pulse which never overstrains the muscles yet stimulates the user’s metabolism for work during muscle recovery.

How does i-motion achieve this active recovery?

It relaxes the muscle and activates the metabolism all while always maintaining the ideal muscle condition for the next contraction so the user enjoys more pleasant sensations.

With this worldwide innovation, training with i-motion EMS is much more effective than with any other electrical stimulation system.

Discover the power of EMS Active Recovery, an all-new way to get even more out of your EMS training time.