EMS Fitness Training and Workout

At Fittletica, we are proud to be able to offer our clients EMS fitness training and workout programs in Brooklyn. Being in shape and fit means that you can live a healthy life, tackle any obstacles you find in your path, and remain happy. A healthy body is a happy body and we are here to help you achieve just that!

One of the biggest hurdles to being in shape and fit is that many people just do not have the time in their day to do it. After all, spending hours in the gym is not always feasible and can put a strain on your ability to get fit. Fortunately, EMS fitness training and workout programs do not require you to dedicate hours of your time and you can receive the EXACT same benefits as working out in a shorter session that does NOT require all your energy either.

EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, is an excellent way for you to work out your muscles utilizing electrical impulses that mimic the same impulses that your brain sends to your muscles during traditional fitness workouts.

If you would like to learn more about our fitness program and workout, now is the time to reach out to Fittletica! We are here to get you started today.


Our EMS Fitness Training Session – What to Expect

One of the nice things about EMS fitness training is that everyone can train using it and everyone can benefit from it. No matter what your fitness level is, you can take part in this awesome program that is designed to work out your muscles.

Another unique thing about EMS fitness training is that you do not need to lift weights, run on a treadmill, or even do jumping jacks to receive the benefits. In fact, our special training gear will do the work for you.

What happens at an EMS training session at Fittletica?

  1. You will be fitted with a special workout suit that is made from both antibacterial and breathable fabric
  2. Each suit has 10 pairs of electrodes built into it that target your muscles
  3. Once in the suit, your trainer will launch a training program
  4. During the program, the trainer will instruct you on different exercises to do

Each session is about 20 minutes long and is equivalent to classic training of three hours! In addition, you will burn up to 800 calories PER session and over 500 muscles will be in full action as you go through the program.


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