What EMS Is and Why You Should Definitely Try It?

EMS Fitness

Being in good shape means being stylish, healthy and happy. This is the tendency of the modern world. You too want to keep up with the latest trends, don’t you? Sure you do! No doubt! But there is only one way to get the body of your dreams – through regular physical training.

What? Have no time for sport? Does work keep you too busy? Are deadlines, clients, children, dog, husband, and hamster all to blame? Oookay. However, we know for sure that all these are no arguments! That’s because there is a perfect alternative that will allow you to look like Candice Swanepoel/Tom Hardy without training hard in a fitness center 24/7! It’s time to get to know your savior – EMS! We are now going to tell you what it is and why you really need it!

EMS: Fitness-Technology of the Future Already Available!

EMS FitnessTo make a good start, let’s discuss what EMS is and how it is deciphered. EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, stands for the stimulation of muscles with the help of electrical impulses identical to those that go all the way from your brain to muscles during a classical training session in a gym. Initially, EMS was used (and is still used) by physiotherapists for the purpose of patient’s rehabilitation after surgery. As a rule, this technology is used in situations when a person experiences muscle slowdown and weakness due to physical trauma, painful feelings, and swelling. For instance, electrical myostimulation helps recover one’s legs after serious surgery on ligaments as it brings the muscle tissues back to normal making them perform their direct function – contraction.

EMS Fitness

Just like any technology of the future, EMS takes its roots in the past. Back in the 1960s, physiotherapists applied stimulation for physical training of an upscale group of athletes who were getting ready for the Olympic Games. They kept records in which they admitted that the effectiveness of this type of training was 40% higher than that of a classical training session. This is because it involves training of more muscles and allows conducting a deeper and more effective stimulation of ligaments, which leads to greater endurance, elasticity, and strength. A bit later, back in the 1970s, the research data were first announced on a conference dedicated to Western sports establishments and were later used as a course of action, but at the same time, they still raised much debate up until the modern technology was developed. It is now possible to create an individual training program for each athlete in particular.

Owing to the effort of fitness influencers, celebrities and bloggers, a couple of years ago EMS became a real sensation on YouTube and Instagram. We used to watch awkward training sessions of Ashley Gram, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Kim Kardashian and were unable to understand what on earth was going on!

EMS Fitness

There were lots of wires and detectors, while their outfit reminded the scuba diving gear! Nosy journalists immediately took up the topic, and the first ever details on how electrical muscle stimulation works started to appear. They called it a cool alternative to regular training. Basically, it is true. Everyone can train using EMS! Regardless of your level of training, physical capacity, age, gender and sphere of activity, be it a fashion model or a programmer who has never picked up anything heavier than a computer mouse, EMS will suit your needs. Even if you don’t use any heavy weights or barbells to become stronger or train hard on a treadmill, the electrodes attached to your muscles through special training gear will do everything for you! All you need is 20 minutes of your free time!

During EMS training, over 500 muscles will be in full action. Just to compare: a classical training session allows working out not more than 100 muscles. Instead, a month of regular EMS trainings will let you get considerably slimmer and lose more than 5 kg of excess weight. Seems too good to be true? No, it doesn’t! It is the technology of the future that is accessible today!

What EMS Training Session Includes?

Everything starts with your workout gear, which comprises a waistcoat and shorts produced from breathable antibacterial fabric. 10 pairs of electrodes are attached to your gear being positioned over the most perceptible part of your muscles. These electrodes are fixed with the help of sticky fasteners. As soon as you put all this on, your instructor will launch the training program lasting for up to 20 minutes and adapted to your individual body type, while the impulses will start warming up the muscles and make them contract. In a combination with the directions of a certified personal instructor and the work of EMS, the client will perform simple gymnastic exercises that will gradually make his/her body stronger. In the course of training, all groups of muscles work simultaneously. As such, you get a result worth 3 hours of active classical training.

EMS Fitness

Wait a minute! It will surely hit you with an electric current, won’t it? And it might be really painful! This is what you might be thinking.

However, it’s not so. You might feel an electric current for the first time you use the device, but it is not painful at all. Instead, feelings might be a little bit awkward. An impact of electrodes on the muscles reminds some kind of vibration or insignificant strikes of rubber against your skin. Instructors often encourage their trainees by saying: “Don’t worry, bro, this device does not have enough electricity to start a car! With every new training session, you’ll be getting used to this feeling, and you will steadily get closer to the body of your dream. You might have muscle pain after training, but your final goal will stimulate you to make steady steps ahead, right?”

What Goals Can One Achieve with EMS?

EMS Fitness

EMS training is a multifunctional type of activity that helps to achieve the following goals:

Lose weight.

After a month of regular EMS training, you’ll be able to become slimmer and lose over 5 kg of weight, which will allow you to abandon your current size and start wearing clothes that are 2 sizes smaller. Excess weight will leave you without any changes to your skin such as sagging or lack of muscle tone. One training session allows burning around 500 calories, and 2,000 calories will be burned after the workout. 10 training sessions will make your waist 6.5 cm thinner, while your hips will lose about 1.5 cm;

EMS Fitness

Get a perfect body shape.

EMS activates over 500 muscles, which allows working on ligaments that are not accessible during a regular fitness session. Deep stimulation of muscles makes them more perceptible, clearly defined and, as a result, rippling. An investigation conducted in the universities of Bayreuth and Erlangen-Nuremberg demonstrated that 89% of the participants who got engaged in EMS training admitted that their body became stronger and a lot more toned after 10-13 training sessions;

Increase endurance.

Only 20 minutes of EMS training are equal to an intense training in a gym lasting for 3 hours! Over such a short period of time, you’ll be able to make your muscles stronger and will, therefore, become more active, while your metabolism will start working impeccably. After such trainings, you’ll be able to endure absolutely any physical load;

EMS Fitness

Make muscles more visible.

EMS-training allows working on 80% of muscles, while classical gym training activates only 40%. The impulses will help you work on superficial and deep muscles simultaneously. The interchangeable use of electrical impulses of various types, length, and power allows improving the muscle tone as well as their nourishment with nutritious substances that are necessary for muscle recovery and building up of new tissues. These processes will be taking place in your body for up to 36 hours after training;

Get rid of back pain.

Strong muscle core is the best way to prevent back pain and spine-related problems. It is just impossible to use spinal muscles to their maximum capacity using ordinary exercises! However, EMS-training makes it a reality! Researchers from the universities of Bayreuth and Erlangen-Nuremberg gathered a group of participants that underwent training using an EMS-device. After 10 training sessions, 50% of the participants admitted that they managed to get rid of back pain and improve posture. 20% of people got rid of painful muscle tone after two training sessions. After six weeks of this experiment, 87% of the participants completely forgot about the painful feelings in their back, while 30% became tougher by enduring greater physical load on muscle core;

Get rid of cellulite.

EMS Fitness

Electrical myostimulation makes skin smoother and more elastic, which improves its quality and stimulates regeneration. Every EMS-training ends up with a 5-minute lymphatic massage that is necessary for muscle relaxation. The massage accelerates the blood flow and encourages moisture release from the body because fluid retention is a frequent cause of cellulite. As a result, the orange-peel skin disappears, while your skin becomes smooth and even.


Why Is It Better than Gym Training?

EMS Fitness

It saves your time.

Only 20 minutes of EMS training replace 3 hours of fitness. One EMS training session allows burning 500 calories, and 2,000 calories can be burned within the period of 36 hours after training;

EMS Fitness

Better and quicker result.

10 training sessions allow getting rid of 5 kg of excess weight. You’ll become 6.5 cm slimmer in the waist and finally get rid of back pain. In order to keep yourself in good shape, three 20-minute workouts a week are more than enough;

EMS Fitness

You won’t need any sporting equipment.

You’ll find all you need in an EMS-studio;

EMS Fitness

It fits everyone!

It’s a perfect solution for businessmen and busy people who value their time. Everyone can participate in an EMS-training after a consultation with a family doctor regardless of age, gender or fitness level;

EMS Fitness

It is safe for your health.

EMS-training is 100% safe. The risk of sustaining an injury during the training is brought to a minimum. The EMS equipment has been reviewed and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

EMS Fitness

Where to Exercise Best?

EMS Fitness

In order to ensure that the EMS training brings maximum efficiency, there is a need to choose the kind of studio that is equipped with high-quality and certified equipment as well as professional instructors. In this respect, nothing can be better than Fittletica!

It is positioned in a perfect location – 2615 East 16th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235, which will allow you to exercise during your lunch breaks.
EMS Fitness

Author: Olga Bodnar
Published: Willlive, 2019


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