Lose Fat Fast Program

Do you want to lose fat? Are you tired of trying fat loss programs only to find yourself not making the progress you want and spending too much time doing so? If so, Fittletica wants to introduce you to our lose fat fast program in Brooklyn. This program is specifically designed to help you experience fat reduction and weight loss FASTER than traditional workouts.

Our lose fat fast program is one of 20 offered programs that utilizes EMS pulses to target fat and help you lose weight. Losing weight has never been easier and does not have to be complicated. Our program is simple, easy, and short to ensure that you can lose weight, burn fat, and enjoy doing it!

One of the biggest barriers to weight loss and fat burning is that many people just do not have the time to spend hours in the gym. Fortunately, our Brooklyn EMS fitness pulses program allows you to train your entire body in just a 20-minute session – that is shorter than a traditional lunch break at work.

Today is the day that you can improve the way you look and feel while starting on your path to overall better health. Call Fittletica today to sign up for our program.


FilleticaDrop Excess Weight and Get the Body You Want

Through our EMS lose fat fast workout, you can expect to lose roughly 10 pounds or two pant sizes in just one month. You will find that you drop excess weight and fat like a hot knife through butter. Not only will you fit into smaller clothes, you will receive a huge boost in confidence and your self-esteem will start to soar.

Each one of our training sessions allows you to burn up to 800 calories with most people averaging about 500 calories in just the 20-minute session. Once the EMS program is engaged, over 500 muscles in your body will be engaged, which helps to work out your tendons and ligaments, resulting in better flexibility.

Unlike other traditional fat loss programs, our program works to get you the shape you want through deep stimulation of your inner muscles. Our EMS gear targets the right muscles and provides electrical impulses to them to get them working. Throughout the sessions, you will notice that you become stronger and your body is more defined.

While losing weight and burning fat is the goal, you will also:

  • Increase strength
  • Build endurance
  • Eliminate cellulite
  • End back and joint pain


Get Quick Results in Our Lose Fat Fast Program

If you would like to lose fat fast, now is the time. Fittletica’s program allows you to save time and get quicker results. Gone are the days of heading to the gym three times a week for three hours each visit only to weigh the same a month later.

To sign up for our fat loss program, reach out to Fittletica EMS Fitness Studio in Brooklyn today!