Workout Studio Classes Brooklyn

Group classes are a fun and exciting way for you to reach your personal potential and engage with others. Group fitness classes focus on meeting everyone at their workout level and are both challenging and comprehensive. At Fittletica, we have several workout studio classes in Brooklyn that you can take part in. Our classes are designed to ensure you maximize your time while here and achieve the results you want.

Our classes come in all different types from bootcamp to step, cardio, and many others. Each one of the classes offers you a unique challenge that our personal trainers will help you achieve. You will feel good about yourself and not worn down like traditional workouts in a gym.

We utilize EMS to provide you with a full muscle and body workout in our studio. EMS is also known as electrical muscle stimulation and this form of stimulation targets specific muscles using an electrical impulse causing the muscles to contract and receive a deeper workout than what can be achieved in a traditional workout session. Because of this, you are able to train less and receive the same results.

If you are interested in any of our workout studio classes in Brooklyn, we invite you to give us a call today. Our classes run on a rotating weekly schedule and are confident you can find a class to fit into your schedule. Call Fittletica today.


Get Fit in a Clean Studio Using Proven EMS Methods

EMS has been proven to work and provide you with better muscle strengthening, weight loss, and fat burning over traditional workouts in a gym. In fact, most of our sessions are just 20 minutes long and equal three hours of training in a gym.

Our EMS fitness studio in Brooklyn is clean and equipped for you to use. You will find that our group classes are done in the privacy of a room where you and the rest of the class will gather. You will have the attention of our trainers who will help you put on the EMS suits and get ready for the group class.

All of our suits are cleaned and utilize an antibacterial and breathable fabric, so you can rest assured that they are clean and free from germs. In addition, our studio classrooms, equipment, and center are cleaned regularly to provide our guests with an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

If you are interested in signing up for our studio workout classes, do not hesitate to take a peek at our schedule. We offer many classes and we also provide group classes for those who are interested.


Get into Shape Today and Join a Workout Studio Class

If you are looking to get into shape and you want to make some new like-minded friends while you are at it, check out Fittletica’s workout studio class schedule today. We offer many classes that you can take part in and our trainers will welcome you with open arms.

Should you find that you have questions about our classes, or you would like to see about having a class for you and some friends, call Fittletica EMS Fitness Studio in Brooklyn today.